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About the Sea Lion Center

The Sea Lion Center is a division of, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit with the mission to protect, restore and inspire conservation of San Francisco Bay and its watershed, from the Sierra to the sea.  We offer free interpretive programs to complement one of San Francisco’s most popular attractions. More than six million annual visitors have the opportunity to learn all about California sea lions and their history at PIER 39, as well as what everyone can do to help these charismatic mammals survive in their threatened habitat. The Sea Lion Center includes a classroom and exhibit space located directly above the sea lions' regular hangout on PIER 39’s K-Dock.

Hours of operation: Daily 10am–5pm.

Special Hours:

No early closures scheduled at this time.
The average life span of a California Sea Lion is 20–25 years.
Sea Lions are considered “opportunistic feeders,” eating available prey rather than one species.